Stone books! 100% waterproof ! Eco-friendly

We are so thrilled with beautiful concept brought to us by Artefact Books, a small independent company based in Cape Town. Sustainably driven, these stunning waterproof notebooks are created from STONE not trees! Now in stock at South Peninsula Gallery!

As stated by creators

"We have evidence of our ancestral identity, lifestyle and travels, left behind through artefacts. This legacy allows us a glimpse into our shared human history. What would you leave behind? What would you do now... to give shape to your joys, fears, memories and your most brilliant ideas? How would you share these with the world? "

Feature Artist for January 2017 : Meryn Williams

We are very excited to present our January Feature Artist Mervyn Williams.

OPENING THURSDAYJANUARY 5th 6pm - 8pm Exhibition on until Jan 31st
Please join us for an exciting evening with wine and refreshments as we celebrate incredible local art!

A painter, printmaker, and poet from Ocean View, the artist is inspired and moved by the vibrancy and culture that surrounds his daily life.
Williams works prolifically, using his rendered sketches as a starting point. With an intrepid impressionist style he creates bold contemporary lifestyle portraits. The dynamic composition and confident determined strokes bring forth gripping works that convey a true passion and authenticity behind the paintings.

Tiny Art Exhibtion in Kommetjie, raging success and a great night had by all!

Tiny Art 2016 was a wonderful event and thank you to all who came to show support for local art and cast your vote!

Overall first place went to Joanne Milne with her stunning freehand drawing "Wisdom" by Kommetjie

Best landscape and over all 2nd place was this beautiful and iconic Kommetjie scene "down on the board walk" by Kommetjie plein air specialist Beth Lowe

Over all third place and Best Portrait was awarded to Sue Conradie for her incredible oil on wood block "slice of life.

The still life category was won by Jane Eppel with her delicate and immaculate original etching "Daisy 2",

Best animal life awarded to Karin Dave with her unique painting and stitch combination artwork "warthog charm".

Contemporary taken out by Chip Snaddon, local Kommetjie legend with his brilliant abstract driftwood sculpture "Ben Gunn"!

Be sure to stay tuned in to us through our all social platforms (Facebook, Instagram and website) for the annoucement of our next exhibition over the cold wintery months to come!!!

Art Exhibition in Kommetjie, all Local Artists

South Peninsula Community Art Gallery

Invites you to Group Artists exhibition and Art Competition

“Tiny Art”

An incredible range of artworks limited in size to 20cmx20cm

Entries judged by public on opening night!

Join us for an exciting evening showcasing local art

And be prepared to release your inner art critic!

All Welcome

Free Original Art Raffle!

Amazing prizes awarded from:

Artlab, Trizanne Signature Wines, and Espresso.Kom (use provided logo’s)

Stunning Trizanne Signature Wines and refreshments

Opening Night Thursday March 24th 5:30pm-8pm

The Village Place no. 3 Erica rd Units 10-12 Kommetjie

E: ph: 0624779558

Entries still open for participating artists until March 23th

Opening Statement 2014

A new community gallery is opening in Kommetjie Village this October and currently accepting submissions from Southern Peninsula artists. Initiated by landscape artist Carrie Basson, the gallery is aiming to be a dynamic community arts venue hosting regular events and art projects and encouraging community involvement. The gallery will exhibit and sell the artworks of established and emerging artists residing in the Southern Peninsula.

“I believe the gallery is a much needed addition to our community, and I am excited to create a hub for artistic activity , bringing artists together and presenting a rich variety of art works to the public for appreciation and for sale” Says Carrie, who is also acting curator and coordinator of the gallery. Carrie states that the gallery is striving to keep commission rates as low as possible to ensure greater opportunity for individual artists to profit from the sales of their artworks, while staying affordable for the public. She also stresses the importance of supporting local and the necessity of a platform for artists to expose their art to the greater community and visitors to the area.

“Our exceptional corner of the Cape is such a beautiful part of the word and is the source of inspiration for so many of the artists that live within the Southern Peninsula. The goal of the gallery is to have a destination centre where residents and visitors alike have access to the amazing art produced in our area.

For further information about the ‘South Peninsula Community Art Gallery’ and for artist submissions please email

Kommetjie gets a paint over by iconic artist

I am sure anyone who has been passing through Kommetjie during the past week has noticed the unusual activity on the corner of Erica and Kom road! Passers-by have been treated to a fantastic artistic display as legendary Cape Town graffiti artist Jack Mantis unleashes some creativity on the wall.

Kommetjie’s, South Peninsula community Art Gallery curator Carrie Basson, took five with Mantis to find out a bit about the artist and this project.

Q: Where did your artistic journey begin?

A: At around the age of 10 or 11, seeing my interest in art beginning to bloom, my mother brought me to “Little Kimble” the home of Gabriel De Jongh who was an accomplished artist and friend of the family. I would sit on a bench in silence just watching him paint and those hours I spent there observing are my clearest memories that inspired my momentum into the world of art.

Q: Can you tell us something about your art and inspirations?

A: I love colours. I want to know that I’m using every shade there is so that when people are looking at my work, especially on this scale, they are simply baptised in colour! You could never stand in front of a wall like this and feel depressed! I’ve been drawn to the pure skill of art but also the power it has to move people.

Q: What drew you to Kommetjie?

A: For so many years I have been travelling extremely and excessively, experiencing so much but really missing the feeling of community. I have found Kommetjie to embody that spirit on so many levels, and it’s amazing to feel a part of that.

Q: A lot of people have been asking who are you doing the mural for?

A: After coming here and feeling the connection to this place I just wanted to give something back. I was generously sponsored the paint and this mural is simply from me to you… It’s also for a girl!

Q: What is your dream project?

A: This. I mean it! Over the last week since I started on the wall here, It has been such an incredible vibe, so many people have been really kind and generous, and excited to be involved. When you can create something that brings a community together, well that’s just religious.

Well Jack from the Local Community Art Gallery we are thrilled to have this mural inspiring us and promoting creativity in the Deep south. A huge thanks from all of us for years to come!

— with Jack Mantis at